Encouraging children to read and learn, however, should also go beyond what the school will teach to include those things that would also be taught at home as earlier discussed.

Apart from the formal way(s) of learning, children must also be encouraged to engage in out-of-the-home-and-classroom games and activities. One of the many benefits of these type(s) of extra curricula activities is that it fosters mental development and friendliness amongst children which may turn into a life-long beneficial relationship and friendship.

Those other extra curricula activities that encourage sportsmanship, leadership, friendship and comradeship amongst children should also be introduced. Activities like sports, visiting friends and religious activities promote learning that reaches far beyond what the four walls of the classroom can achieve to develop the mental and cognitive reasoning of the child.

Above all, parents have a larger share of the responsibilities of encouraging their children to learn and read. Parents must model those things they desire to see in their children. Children do what they see an adult do and that is why parents must themselves be reader or at least, people who have a penchant for learning and gaining knowledge. Children will unconsciously pick those characters that their parents exhibit. What are those activities that model good reading culture and learning for children? Amongst several others are listening to the news, watching documentaries, reading books and intellectually stimulating magazines.

Apart from reading, parents and guardians, must take care and be selective and conscious about the type and kind of discussion that they engage in because the thinking and reasoning pattern of those children whose character are being formed will be affected either positively or negatively by what they hear.

We should encourage them to learn by doing and reading!


“Read what you find interesting, and then follow your interests. You’ll find that in doing so you always generate enough to illuminate the next step.”
Mark Helprin, Freddy and Fredericka




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