What you need to prepare for JAMB 2020.

Do you have all you need to prepare for JAMB 2020 as it is around the corner? How prepared are you? We know a lot of people are first timers and there’s bound to be tension before and on the day of the exam but not to worry, we’ll be guiding you on how best to be conceived for the exam.

The first way to prepare for JAMB 2020 is to go through past questions for the subjects you will be attempting during the exam. Having a thorough knowledge of the subjects gives one a head start. You must not know the subjects from text cover to text cover but having an above average knowledge gives one an edge. You can practice the past questions on your own, through the exam board or some websites; you can also practice with a tutor who will assist you on how best to answer a question and within a time range. Never forget that JAMB works with time.

Another way of being ahead on the d- day is to read all instructions and the questions carefully. Do not jump in head first because you’re over excited, over confident or scared.  Tackle subjects you know very well first. You spend less time and quickly move to the next subject. For questions where you have to think twice as regards the answers, it’s best advised to skip them and go back to them later.

Learn keyboard shortcuts. They make answering questions easier and faster. They include A B C D P N R and S.  Pressing option A on the keyboard means you’re selecting that option a s your answer. Same goes for B C D. Press P or backwards arrow to go to the previous question while N or the forward arrow is for the next question. Press S to end your exam and R to return to it.

Do not forget that you need to prepare by answering questions logically. For questions you’re not sure of, eliminate the most unlikely options, read the questions and options again weighing in on which option is the best answer to the question. Review all answers; you can correct answers that might have been given wrongly and in haste. That way you have more correct answers.

So this is us wishing you success in your examination, don’t forget to mail us if you need a JAMB tutor.

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